B-Side Trax Episodes – Week of DEC 26th

There are various theories for the origins of ‘Boxing Day’, none of which has ever been proven as fact.  The custom did originate in Britain where it was customary for tradespeople to be given “Christmas boxes” of money or presents on the first weekday after Christmas. A thank you for good service throughout the year.  The origins of B-Side Trax go back to a little boy in Miami, FLA growing up ( kinda ) listening to his parent’s Andy Williams, Herb Alpert & Johnnie Horton records.  Later, those records became Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard & Blue Oyster Cult.  Later still, those CD’s became Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring & Green Day.

No matter what your religion or preference, the holidays are a time where people make time out of their otherwise busy lives to spend it with friends & families.  Here’s to yours, mine & everyone else’s, I hope you all continue to have a wonderful holiday season – cheers !!

Welcome to the B-Side:

A great way to add some spice, AND, 23 unique songs to your station’s format without touching your playlist !

The show features songs that, while not totally obscure, were less played, refreshingly diverse and compelling in the array of songs and artists, PLUS an interesting story the listener probably never knew !  A once-a-day program, roughly 6 minutes long, the show delivers a roughly 45 second story, the song itself, and done.  The tune-out factor is next to zero.

Here’s what aired last week and a link to a recent B-Side show:

All You Zombies – The Hooters – – Click To Play Show

Monday:                All You Zombies – The Hooters
Tuesday:                Young Folks – Peter Bjorn
Wednesday:           James Brown is Dead – LA Style
Thursday               The Hand That Feeds – 9″ Nails
Friday:                  Girl U Want – Devo



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