B-Side Trax Episodes – Week of NOV 28th

In financial planning, they have a term called “Opportunity Cost”.  Money spent on one thing will not be available for something else, regardless of how much or how little the investment returns.  The same is true with time.  You have 1440 minutes available in your programming day. I take roughly six of those minutes, five days a week & tell your listeners an interesting story.  Then, I play them a song they likely know, but haven’t heard in a while ( I don’t play stump the chump, not very often anyway ).  Since your monetary investment would be zero, Mr. / Ms. station programmer, may I suggest that your return on investment has got to be good …

Welcome to B-Side Trax:

Here’s what aired last week and a link to a recent B-Side show:

Walking On Broken Glass – Annie Lennox – – Click To Play Show

Monday:                Finest Worksong – R.E.M.
Tuesday:                Walking On Broken Glass – Annie Lennox
Wednesday:          Point #1 – Chevelle
Thursday               It’s My Life – Talk Talk
Friday:                   Steady As She Goes – The Raconteurs

Listeners will also be able to hear each week’s shows on podcast coming soon.



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