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Give Them a Listen!        

The key to success in media today is CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT ! What better content is there than a well-told story about the music itself !!

The show features 5 daily vignettes, or, the 5 daily shows combined into a roughly half-hour feature. Each show features a :30 - :40 second yarn + the featured song + a :60 second barter avail pre-programmed into each show.

Every song, every album, every band, has its own fascinating story(ies). Your host Mike Mewborn, tells these tales in his own inimitable style. Each show is a fun journey into the stories "Behind The Music".

Mike got his start in radio @ WINK AM/FM/TV in FT Myers, FL - way back in 1980. 41 years later, he's still at it, telling the stories "Behind The Music" on B-Side Trax. "I've always loved radio AND Rock & Roll. And I probably always will !! "