Episodes – B-Side Trax – Week of APR 23rd: Stop in & See B-Side Trax Host Mike Mewborn at The Worldwide Radio Summit Next Week !!

If you happen to be at the Radio Summit in LA next week from May 2nd to the 4th, be sure to stop me & say hey.  We can chat about all things music, radio, golf or even Sailor Jerry rum.  If you’ve never been to the Summit you should.  The panels, the people and the parties are all well worth your time & effort.  Stop in if you can and if you can’t don’t worry, you can still tune in to the B-Side 5 days a week !!

B-Side Trax:

A new concept for radio: a 6-minute featurette that airs once a day, five days a week.  Besides digging up songs unburnt, there’s also a fascinating story behind each track. The tune-out factor is next to zero !!

Here’s what aired last week on B-Side Alternative and a link to a recent show:

Candlebox – Far Behind / Click To Play Show

Monday:               Fast Car – Tracy Chapman
Tuesday:               Falls Apart – Sugar Ray
Wednesday:         Far Behind – Candlebox
Thursday              BYOB – System of a Down
Friday:                  Friday I’m in Love – The Cure
Many stations use this vignette as a lead-in or the centerpiece for their retro or flashback shows. Some use it as a stand-alone or even combine each week’s shows to form a 30-minute weekend retro feature. That flexibility is a benefit for individual stations to use to their advantage.

Here’s a week on B-Side Classic Rock, plus a show link:

Dreams I’ll Never See – Molly Hatchet / Click To Play Show

Monday:                Keep Yourself Alive – Queen
Tuesday:                Red Hot – Motley Crue
Wednesday:          Hitchin’ a Ride – Green Day
Thursday               Dreams I’ll Never See – Molly Hatchet
Friday:                   Journey To The Center of The Mind – Amboy Dukes




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