Episodes – B-Side Trax – Week of MAY 15th: Only 12 Days Left To “Add a Side of The B-Side” !!

Only 12 Days Left To “Add a Side of The B-Side” !!

Las Vegas, USA – September 4, 2014: Aerial view of Las Vegas Strip resorts and casinos at night. Large dancing fountain of Bellagio is a major attraction on the Las Vegas Strip.

It was 1980 and I was working at a fish farm in Miami ( yes, there really is such a thing ).  I wanted to get into radio, but even then I knew without any training or an uncle in the biz, it wasn’t likely.  So I moved to Ft Myers, got a job dj’ing in a bar & in less than a month I was on the air at AM/FM/TV combo WINK. 4 years there (plus a cup of coffee at WRCC) & it was off to the Navy & beautiful San Diego.

Post-Navy, I did a couple of years of traffic at Shadow Broadcasting. During that time I started  drafting a Classic Rock show called “Off The Beaten Trax”.  It was designed as a 1-hour show similar to B-Side without all the back stories. I had the epiphany while I was on the golf course to go to 1-song, 5 days a week with “Behind The Music-esque” stories.  When I went to trademark the show, “OTBT” was already taken, “B-Side Trax” however, was not.  Funny how things work out …

Introducing B-Side Trax:

A new concept for radio: a 6-minute featurette that airs once a day, five days a week.  Besides digging up songs unburnt, there’s also a fascinating story behind each track. The tune-out factor is next to zero !!

Here’s what aired last week on B-Side Alternative and a link to a recent show:

(Tribute) – Tenacious D / Click To Play Show

Monday:                Goodbye Goodbye – Oingo Boingo
Tuesday:                (Tribute) – Tenacious D
Wednesday:          I Hate Everything About You – 3 Days Grace
Thursday               Lost Again – Dance Hall Crashers
Friday:                   Pretty Noose – Soundgarden
Many stations use this vignette as a lead-in or the centerpiece for their retro or flashback shows. Some use it as a stand-alone or even combine each week’s shows to form a 30-minute weekend retro feature. That flexibility is a benefit for individual stations to use to their advantage.

Here’s a week on B-Side Classic Rock, plus a show link:

Walking On The Moon – The Police / Click To Play Show

Monday:                Poison Whiskey – Lynyrd Skynyrd
Tuesday:                Walking On The Moon – The Police
Wednesday:          You’re in Love – Ratt
Thursday               Hymm 43 – Jethro Tull
Friday:                  No More Mr Nice Guy – Alice Cooper




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