Episodes – B-Side Trax – Week of MAY 6th: Afterthoughts on MusExpo & WWRS from B-Side Trax !!

Only 19 Days Left To “Add a Side of The B-Side” !!

If you haven’t gotten your station in the running for the contest, you’re running out of time !!  There’s less than 3 weeks remaining to qualify and the prize will be fantastic for whoever gets to go on this trip of a lifetime !  Get in touch with one of our staff & make sure you don’t miss out !

Meanwhile, I try to attend the Radio Summit every year, it never disappoints !  This year I added in the Musexpo which takes place a few days prior.  They. Were. Both. Awesome !  The people, the panels, the showcases & the fellowship at both were simply outstanding.  There were parts of each conference that really were important to the other.  If you get the chance next year, I suggest you attend both.

And now, let the show go on …

B-Side Trax:

A new concept for radio: a 6-minute featurette that airs once a day, five days a week.  Besides digging up songs unburnt, there’s also a fascinating story behind each track. The tune-out factor is next to zero !!

Here’s what aired last week on B-Side Alternative and a link to a recent show:

Porcelain – Moby / Click To Play Show

Monday:                 Say it Isn’t So – The Outfield
Tuesday:                Brain Stew/Jaded – Green Day
Wednesday:          Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division
Thursday               Take it Off – The Donnas
Friday:                   Porcelain – Moby
Many stations use this vignette as a lead-in or the centerpiece for their retro or flashback shows. Some use it as a stand-alone or even combine each week’s shows to form a 30-minute weekend retro feature. That flexibility is a benefit for individual stations to use to their advantage.

Here’s a week on B-Side Classic Rock, plus a show link:

El Diablo – ZZ Top / Click To Play Show

Monday:                Haitian Divorce – Steely Dan
Tuesday:                Wildflower – The Cult
Wednesday:          Fresh Garbage – Spirit
Thursday               Metal Gods – Judas Priest
Friday:                   El Diablo – ZZ Top




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