Episodes – B-Side Trax – Week of OCT 2nd: Can a Show Featuring Less-Popular Songs Be Successful ? B-Side Trax …

Apparently so.  Popular music is popular because it’s, well, you know… But when you stop to think about how things are today, our listeners being bombarded with the same songs by the same artists, crossing over to other formats …

That’s where programming comes into play.  I have to play songs my listeners recognize & like. The stories carry them into the song, but if the song is unfamiliar, or worse, one they don’t like, it’ll be hard to get them to tune in each weekday. So far, it’s working …

B-Side Trax:

A new concept for radio: a 6-minute featurette that airs once a day, five days a week.  Besides digging up songs unburnt, there’s also a fascinating, 30-second story behind each track. Because it plays to the ‘Short Attention-Span Theater’ we all have nowadays, the tune-out factor is next to zero !!

Here’s what aired last week on B-Side Alternative and a link to a recent show: 

Cannonball – The Breeders / Click To Play Show

Monday:                Monkey Wrench – Foo Fighters
Tuesday:                Peaches – Presidents of  the USA
Wednesday:        Cannonball – The Breeders
Thursday              Got You Where I Want You – The Flys
Friday:                  Bulls on Parade – Rage Against The Machine
Many stations use this vignette as a lead-in or the centerpiece for their retro or flashback shows. Some use it as a stand-alone or even combine each week’s shows to form a 30-minute weekend retro feature. That flexibility is a benefit for individual stations to use to their advantage.

Here’s a week on B-Side Classic Rock, plus a show link: 

Silver, Blue & Gold – Bad Company / Click To Play Show

Monday:                When The Whip Comes Down – Rolling Stones
Tuesday:                Creep – Stone Temple Pilots
Wednesday:           The Green Manalishi … – Judas Priest
Thursday               Summertime Blues – Blue Cheer
Friday:                  Silver, Blue & Gold – Bad Company



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