Episodes – B-Side Trax – Week of SEP 11th: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !! B-Side Trax …

I can’t let this day go by without thanking everyone who has sacrificed so much, so this country can still be the best place on the planet …  Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !!

B-Side Trax:

A new concept for radio: a 6-minute featurette that airs once a day, five days a week.  Besides digging up songs unburnt, there’s also a fascinating, 30-second story behind each track. Because it plays to the ‘Short Attention-Span Theater’ we all have nowadays, the tune-out factor is next to zero !!

Here’s what aired last week on B-Side Alternative and a link to a recent show: 

Blue Highway – Billy Idol / Click To Play Show

Monday:                 Panic – The Smiths
Tuesday:                Blue Highway – Billy Idol
Wednesday:          Twist in My Sobriety – Tanita Takarim
Thursday               Hypnotize – System of a Down
Friday:                  No New Tale To Tell – Love & Rockets

Many stations use this vignette as a lead-in or the centerpiece for their retro or flashback shows. Some use it as a stand-alone or even combine each week’s shows to form a 30-minute weekend retro feature. That flexibility is a benefit for individual stations to use to their advantage.

Here’s a week on B-Side Classic Rock, plus a show link: 

Rock Lobster – The B-52’s / Click To Play Show

Monday:                White Room – Cream
Tuesday:                Rock Lobster – B-52’s
Wednesday:          Still The Same – Bob Seger
Thursday               Jesus Christ Superstar – Murray Head
                 Bargain – The Who




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